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McDonalds is one of the most iconic brands in the world. The Golden Arches are internationally recognized and certainly lure would-be customers into the fast-food chain. It is no wonder that the company has repeatedly used widely known sweepstakes contests to attract new customers and to bring existing ones back in, over and again. Their original Monopoly Sweepstakes game is almost as famous as its Big Mac. And the latest effort will certainly draw hungry participants, as entrants will have a chance to win the elusive McGold Card. The mystifying McGold Card entitles its owner free McDonalds meals for life. According to CNN Business, “[t]he McGold Card has been around for years, with some heavy hitters reportedly holding them, including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and actor Rob Lowe.” If you would like to generate attention and interest in your business, one of the most efficient ways to do this is to create a sweepstakes promotion around your product or service. Readers of our blog know that to run a successful and lawful contest, the sweepstakes rules must be airtight and adhere to applicable laws and regulations. 

What’s Special About McDonald’s Sweepstakes Rules?

Aside from the opportunity to win free Big Macs for life, the sweepstakes rules cover all the critical aspects of a contest, including: a general description of the promotion, eligibility, ways to enter, when the drawing will occur, odds of winning, and prizes to be awarded, among many other details. What sets this sweepstakes contest apart is its name: the sweepstakes is officially known as an “Appstakes.” One of the ways to enter the contest is by downloading the McDonalds application, and placing an order via the app. The effort in creating this event has at least one clear purpose: to get customers to download the McDonald’s app and make ordering simple. 

Do the Sweepstakes Rules Require You to Make an In-App Purchase?

No, they do not. In fact, the introduction to the sweepstakes rules specifically explains, “No purchase is necessary to enter or win a prize. A purchase will not improve chances of winning.” These are two of the most significant provisions of a legal sweepstakes promotion. Would-be participants are not required to pay any money in order to enter the Appstakes. This is known as a free, alternative means of entry or “AMOE.” And paying to enter must not increase an entrant’s chance to win a prize. What is the McDonald’s Appstakes’ AMOE? The sweepstakes rules explain that to receive entries without a purchase, would-be entrants need to click on a website link which takes them to an AMOE form. The form includes fields for a person’s name, email address, phone number, and date of birth. To submit the AMOE form for entry, consumers must check a box to confirm that they are eligible to enter the Appstakes and have read and agreed to the official contest rules.

How Can Your Business Generate Interest with Sweepstakes Rules?

McDonalds for life is certainly an alluring prospect that will attract customers. Your business can come up with a catchy and inviting sweepstakes contest too. But keep in mind that all aspects of the sweepstakes rules that govern your promotion must comply with applicable state and federal regulations. That is where an experienced sweepstakes promotions attorney can help. 

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