KMT assists its clients in connection
with the distribution, licensing and
sale of their existing technology, as
well as contracting for the acquisition,
licensing and/or development of new
technology, including work-for-hire
technology lawyer KMT

KMT technology lawyers draft, review and revise end-user license agreements for mobile applications and software offerings, as well as business-to-business licensing agreements for software, hardware, mobile applications and other technology.

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As our company began to exponentially grow, I knew we needed to re-examine the law firm we were aligned with. Running a large, dynamic, digital advertising agency is not easy, and having the right outside counsel is very important to our success. KMT’s attorneys have proven themselves to be at the forefront of the digital advertising industry, and their reputation preceded them as such. Once engaged, we found their proactive approach to handling all industry matters for us to be quite refreshing as well as valuable. Knowing we have them on our team provides us with the comfort backstop we need to know we are making good business decisions and that we will be able to continue to grow our business.

KMT's Focus Includes:

EULAs are essential in establishing the ownership rights of the applicable mobile app or software developer, while setting forth the limited, conditional terms of the license that the end-user acquires in and to the underlying software/app. 

 There are specific legal issues that vary depending on the functionality of a given software, hardware, mobile app, or other technology. One issue to consider is the type of content/offerings featured by and through the mobile app/software and the commercial transactions undertaken in connection within.  Given this level of variance, unless tech-specific agreements and policies are customized to fit the particular app, those legal documents will not adequately address each mobile app/software operator’s specific legal needs.

Without properly drafted development/purchase agreement, business entities commissioning works from third parties may leave themselves without sufficient intellectual property rights in and to the works purchased. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that you retain qualified legal counsel to ensure that any purchase agreements that you intend to use, or currently use, are drafted and/or revised, as applicable, in order to ensure that they will grant you the broadest and most complete ownership rights possible.

As early as possible in the creative process, names, logos, designs, slogans and other branding features associated with mobile applications should be carefully vetted by an experienced intellectual property attorney to minimize the risk of unwelcome legal surprises from third-party brand owners.

KMT technology lawyers advise clients on  ventures undertaken in connection with various social media platforms. In addition, KMT offers its clients comprehensive review of their marketing materials, web and/or mobile content and creative material, in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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