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Why You Need A Privacy Policy for Your Sweepstakes Promotion

Sweepstakes promotions can be valuable tools for businesses seeking to attract new customers. Unlike static ads, newsletter sign-ups and other basic website registration forms, sweepstakes incentivize consumers to provide their information to businesses by offering entrants the chance to win prizes. As noted, sweepstakes can be a viable means for

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Exercise Caution When Running a Bitcoin Sweepstakes Promotion

Earlier this week, Stryve Foods, Inc. (“Stryve”) announced the launch of its Bitcoin sweepstakes – allegedly the first of its kind by a meat snack purveyor. Participants will be given the chance to win one of five prizes, each equal to $1,000 USD in Bitcoin. Note that our office has

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Sweepstakes Documents – More than Just the Rules

Multiple Sweepstakes Documents Required In preparing to conduct a sweepstakes promotion, the first step often involves the sweepstakes operator hiring an attorney to draft a set of Contest Rules that will govern the promotion. While it makes sense to begin with the rules, the process should not end there. Sweepstakes

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Reese’s Potential Sweepstakes Law Violation

As Halloween approaches, so does the kick-off to the official holiday season. During this time of celebration, companies double-down with exciting sales, promotions and sweepstakes. One such business is Reese’s, owned by The Hershey Company. Unfortunately, Reese’s may find itself on the receiving end of regulatory action and/or a consumer

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The Importance of a Valid Sweepstakes AMOE

A recent Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) action against, and settlement with, Publisher’s Clearing House (“PCH”) highlights the importance of offering consumers a free alternative means of entry into all sweepstakes promotions (also referred to as a “sweepstakes AMOE”).  Sweepstakes operators may enable consumers to enter a sweepstakes via the purchase

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Reminder: Quebec Sweepstakes Guidelines Exempt U.S.-Based Contests!

Businesses are turning to sweepstakes contests to generate new leads and retain existing customers. Over the years, such promotional efforts have proven to attract customers in virtually every industry. Companies that create these promotions for United States and Canada residents must be sure to follow applicable state, federal, and even

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The Sweepstakes AMOE in a Nutshell

A good sweepstakes promotion is one of the best ways to generate new business and retain existing customers. While effective as a marketing tool, a lawful sweepstakes must be distinguished at its inception from a lottery. For example, a lottery is made up of 3 elements: prize, chance, and consideration. Lotteries

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How to Set up a Website Sweepstakes Promotion

Virtually every business has an online presence today. Because of this, the importance of generating website traffic cannot be overstated — it is integral, and paramount to, increasing earnings. How can a company improve its visibility and attract new users to its website? One way is to set up an

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Sweepstakes Law: A Primer on How to Run Compliant Promotions

Sweepstakes promotions are sweeping the nation. With each month and season comes a new and innovative contest. Entities in the not-for-profit sector are getting in the game as well! From Draft Kings, to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”), to the Queens Public Library and countless others, if you’re not

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