Obama’s Re-Election a Net Positive for Legalized Online Poker Advocates

The re-election of Barack Obama would appear to be a net positive for those that advocate in favor of legalized online poker.  While the 2012 Democratic Party Platform largely ignored the topic of Internet gaming, the 2012 Republican Party Platform explicitly called for the prohibition of any form of legalized Internet gaming (and overturning the recent Department of Justice ruling on the Wire Act), and Romney embraced that position.

It remains the case that the Democratic Party has taken a friendlier posture toward legalized Internet gaming, but it will be interesting to see how a second Obama term might affect the legislative process going forward.  Some are holding out hope that we may see a federal online poker law passed during the lame duck session of Congress (either as a stand alone bill, or an add-on), before the close of 2012.  Stay tuned.  This ongoing process will be of utmost importance to gaming attorneys and those interested in Internet poker law in general.

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