New Jersey Governor Christie Vetoes Online Gaming Bill, Sort Of

For the second time in roughly a year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have legalized online poker (as well as other online casino games) to be played by individuals within the State of New Jersey.  While some could view Governor Christie’s veto as a major setback, others are encouraged because this was a “conditional” veto – meaning Governor Christie only objected to certain parts of the bill, while endorsing others, and thus invited the New Jersey State legislature to make the recommended changes.

Governor Christie’s concerns were already voiced by him in a recent radio interview.  As reported by

Some of the amendments that the governor has requested in this case include a 10-year lifespan to the bill (allowing future legislators to weigh in), an increase in tax revenues [from 10% to 15%] and better funding for problem gambler assistance.

Most observers expect the New Jersey legislature to amend the bill to satisfy Governor Christie’s concerns – with many expecting action to be taken by the end of March.  Thus, Governor Christie’s veto has actually provided hope to proponents of legalized online gambling.  Gaming attorneys and those interested in Internet poker law are watching intently.

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