Nevada Internet Poker Website Wins Final Approval

pa-sweep-onlineInternet Poker Website Wins Approval in Nevada

For the first time in the history of Nevada’s legalized Internet poker regime, a website won final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission to continue its operations.  The website, Ultimate Poker, was launched by Ultimate Gaming for the mandatory testing phase on April 30, 2013, and the positive results from that provisional period of operations secured a 5-0 vote for approval late last week from the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Ultimate Gaming Chief Technology Officer Chris Derossi said:

…Ultimate Poker has dealt more than 9.1 million hands of poker and operated some 100,000 poker tournaments since its launch.

“The technology has worked,” Derossi said. “We are able to offer a safe and secure online poker experience for the first time in America.”

Intrastate Only

While the Nevada Gaming Commission’s approval of the Ultimate Poker website is a watershed moment in the online poker industry, it is important to note that the approval only applies to intrastate poker, and does not permit play to extend beyond Nevada’s borders.  While Nevada did pass a law permitting interstate online poker in February, approval for such a venture from the Nevada Gaming Commission has not yet materialized.

The ongoing regulatory process on both the interstate and intrastate levels will be worth keeping an eye on for gambling attorneys and those interested in Internet poker law in general.

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