Delaware House Passes Internet Gambling Bill

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1188755_69483705A couple of weeks back, the Delaware House passed an Internet gambling bill that, if signed into law, would greatly expand the range of legal online gaming options available to people physically located within the State of Delaware.  If the bill passes the Delaware State Senate, the Governor has indicated that he would be willing to sign the current iteration of the bill into law.

The bill places online gaming under the purview of the Delaware Lottery, but several venues may be able to offer various online gaming options.  Brick and mortar casinos would handle poker, table games and slot machines, while dozens of other locations will be able to offer keno to their patrons, and bars and restaurants may even be permitted to offer certain sports gambling propositions to customers.

Participation in at least some, if not all, of the contemplated gaming activities may initially require the purchase of prepaid debit cards that can be used to pay for chips, entries or other wagers.

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