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Vermont Attorney General Alleges Internet Marketing Companies Placed Unauthorized Charges on Vermont Consumers’ Telephone Bills

The Vermont Attorney General (“Vermont AG”) has recently renewed its investigation into Internet marketing companies that place charges on consumers’ landline telephone bills for enhanced services.  Enhanced services include premium email and voicemail services that are billed through local exchange carriers (called “LECs,” more commonly referred to as telephone companies,

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New Jersey Sports Gambling Law Alienates NCAA

The decision to begin issuing licenses for New Jersey sports gambling in early January 2013, pursuant to a bill signed into law last January, has compelled the NCAA to relocate six championships in five different sports that had been scheduled to take place in New Jersey. NCAA Sports Gambling Policy

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Nevada Issues First License to Internet Gaming Marketing Firm

Last week, the Nevada State Gaming Control Board took the next big step on the road to legalized Internet gaming when it issued its first approval for a marketing company to participate in the Internet gaming industry in Nevada. While the Gaming Control Board has already approved applications for website

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2012 Democratic Party Platform Silent on Legalized Internet Gaming

The 2012 Democratic Party Platform, released in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina failed to mention the topic of legalized Internet gaming in any way. While this was not as much of a disappointment to proponents of legalized Internet gaming as the 2012 Republican Party Platform

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2012 Republican Party Platform Opposes Legalized Internet Gaming

Proponents of legalized Internet gaming were dealt a blow when the Republican Party released its 2012 Platform ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay. The 2012 Platform leaves no doubt about the Republican Party’s official, party-line opposition to any form of legalized Internet gaming – specifically denouncing the

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